Bye For Now!

I’ve been putting off writing this post, because actually writing it means I have to actually acknowledge it. And since that sentence probably was a clear enough hint as to where this is going, I’ll just get to the point – I’m not going to be posting on Country Girl, City Fashion anymore, at least for awhile. I mean, this probably was easy to see coming, since I haven’t posted more than 7 times in a month for all of 2015, and I’ve been silent for all of June.
I know this is a much (MUCH) bigger deal for me than for all of you, but I figured I should tell anyone who cared. I hate to give up on something that I so dearly love doing, and a month ago, I would never have even imagined that I would be doing this, but life has kind of made the decision for me. There are lots of different small factors – mainly, I’m working 6 days a week this summer, and my jobs don’t give me the opportunity to wear anything that I could post on here. When I do have the rare chance to dress up, I just want to wear the most comfortable, easy things in my closet (or my sister’s); I don’t think anyone needs to see pictures of me wearing the same five dresses and sandals all summer long.
Maybe more importantly, the motivation and reasons I’ve had for blogging all along don’t really apply anymore. My goal is no longer to think up creative ways to wear and re-wear the things in my closet – now I just want to wear what makes me feel good, and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s not enough to make a good personal style blog (at least in my case). Like I said, different factors play into this: my life’s busyness, lack of inspiration and motivation, and my struggle with my weight (something I haven’t talked about before and that I don’t plan on doing now). All combined, I’ve finally had to accept that it doesn’t make sense for me to keep blogging.
But I don’t think this is the final parting for me and Country Girl, City Fashion. This blog has changed my life, and I love it too much to say goodbye forever. I have no idea when it will be – maybe in the fall, maybe in a year, maybe longer – but I hope that I’ll be able to come back someday. Maybe a few of you will still be sticking around, but regardless, I’m certainly not going to stop keeping up with all the blogs I love. Thank you so so much to everyone who has ever read or glanced at or followed this blog that has brought me so much joy. Hopefully I’ll see you again someday soon!


Hello Seattle

This is my one outfit post from Seattle. I know I should have taken more pictures, but life has been too busy and I have been too un-enthused with my closet to plan out many outfits that I felt great about. So here I am, wearing the same jacket and shoes as in my last post – hey, that’s what you do when you’re on vacation.
Even if I didn’t feel particularly well dressed during the trip, it was a wonderful weekend with my siblings. Other than one afternoon spent hiking 4 miles up and then 4 miles back down a mountain, we didn’t really do too much, which is my favorite kind of vacation. We walked around pretty neighborhoods and looked at pretty shops and restaurants, and of course did more than our fair share of eating delicious food. Every night we would go back to our hotel and finish the day off perfectly – by watching The Office.
We got drizzled on a tiny bit on Saturday morning, when I was wearing this outfit, but that was the only rain we saw during the whole weekend. I was more than happy with the Seattle weather, and this jacket was perfect. I’ve never been the hugest fan of jean jackets, but let’s face it – they basically work with everything.

38 blog pic 638 blog pic 438 blog pic 338 blog pic 2
38 blog pic 1

Dress: Old Navy. In white here.
Jacket: Loft. Similar here.
Scarf: Maurices. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Ross. Found here.
Bag: G.H. Bass. Similar here.
Bangles: Kohls. Similar here.
Earrings: A gift.

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Outbound Outfit

I hope you guys are enjoying the long memorial day weekend! I spent it with my siblings, visiting my brother in Seattle. It’s been a tiring and wonderful few days, but unfortunately, we’re heading back home today. I only have one other outfit to post from the trip, but this is what I threw on for the way there. Nothing exciting, but perfect for the long plane rides. This is basically my go-to outfit for traveling, actually – my favorite jeans with a jacket, blouse, and flat shoes. I know some people love maxi dresses for plane rides (which I almost went with this time); do you have an outfit, or maybe just some essentials, that you always turn to for trips?

37 blog pic 337 blog pic37 blog pic 1 37 blog pic 2

Shirt: My sister’s. Similar here.
Jeans: Loft. Similar here.
Jacket: Loft. Similar here.
Shoes: Ross. Found here.
Necklace: Modcloth.
Earrings: My sister’s.

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Blossoms are Better (also, 300 posts!)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s instagram feed has been filled with pictures of flowering trees (to which I have contributed my fair share) lately. Nothing gets likes like spring blossoms! But I do feel like I’ve seen more bright and pastel colored trees this year than I have before in Wisconsin. I even found a bush to snap these pictures in front of last week, and while the shots may be a little out of focus, blossoms make everything better, right?
GUYS. This is my 300th post. 300! I can’t believe I’ve reached that number, and I’m really excited to read through my blog all the way from the beginning, like I do every hundred posts. As I mentioned a few days ago, there’s going to be a lot of cringing happening, but it’s also going to make me so happy about how far I’ve come. Thank you so much to everyone who has read any of those 300 posts!

35 blog pic 135 blog pic 235 blog pic 4
35 blog pic 3
Let’s just take a minute to acknowledge that I’m posing stupidly in that picture.
Okay. Moving on.

Dress: Old Navy. Similar here, here, and here.
Sweater: Old Navy. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Famous Footwear. Similar here.
Earrings: My mom’s. Similar here.
Necklace: Modcloth.

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Mix It: Navy Skirt

I’ve started writing this blog post five different times, and each time I’ve eventually deleted it and started over. Usually when bloggers start a blog post like that, they have some dramatic or life changing news. I have nothing of the sort; I’m just having a really hard time deciding what to say today. Either I write something really boring and obvious about my outfit, or I go into some disconnected and sentimental ramble about my feelings that has absolutely nothing to do with clothes and has no place on this blog. I know that I enjoy reading blogs when I feel like I am part of the writer’s life, and they not only show me their outfits, but tell me about their day to day life, or funny things that have happened to them recently, or what they’ve been thinking or feeling. But not only do I feel a little wary of writing anything at all personal on the internet, but my life just doesn’t seem nearly interesting enough to write about. Let me know what you think – what do you enjoy reading or hearing about on the blogs you follow? Should we just stick to the clothes?
Okay, now I’ll write that boring and obvious stuff about my outfit. I don’t know how this skirt manages to always fit so perfectly and beautifully, but it is like a dream and I have no idea why I don’t wear it more often. I was so excited when I thought to pair it with my peplum top, and then I upped the professional feel of the outfit by adding a blazer and nude heels.

36 blog pic 336 blog pic 4 36 blog pic 636 blog pic 5 36 blog pic 236 blog pic 7
Apparently I don’t have very creative poses; anyway, here are all the ways I’ve worn this skirt. Which look do you like best?
Second post and third post

Shirt: Thrifted. Similar here.
Blazer: Thrifted. Similar here.
Skirt: Loft. Similar here, here, and here.
Shoes: Famous Footwear. Found here.
Earrings: My sister’s. Similar here.
Necklace: Thrifted.

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For My Past Self

This is an outfit that I think I would have absolutely adored when I started this blog. Black and white and gray were my jam, and I remember being enamored with this vest. Well, the color thing still holds true, and even if I haven’t worn this vest in many, many months (this kind of vest is definitely not in right now, is it? I couldn’t find any similar ones to link to below. But hey, when has that stopped me?), I do still kind of love it. But my style has also branched out so dramatically, and I like so many different things than I did then. I’m not sure what my past self would have thought of the recent outfits I’ve posted, but I know that when I look back into my own archives, I do a lot of cringing. A lot. And that’s why I’m thankful for blogging.
Speaking of enamored, that word pretty accurately describes how I feel about the weather right now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wisconsin or spring look so beautiful, and it has felt so good to actually feel hot once or twice.

34 blog pic 834 blog pic 7 34 blog pic 2 34 blog pic 3  34 blog pic 5

Shirt: Old Navy. Similar here and here.
Dress: Old Navy. Similar here and here.
Vest: Thrifted.
Scarf: Old Navy. Found here.
Shoes: A gift. Similar here and here.
Earrings: My mom’s. Similar here.

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This outfit feels terribly mish-mashed. I’m all about being matchy-matchy, so all the different un-repeated colors make me a little scared. Also, the little red squiggles beneath several of the last words I’ve typed are telling me that the English language is not happy with me.
Anyhow, I wore this mish-mashed oufit on Saturday to go see The Avengers. GUYS. IT WAS SO GOOD. I don’t understand how both it and the first one managed to be so magical and special in a way so different and superior than all the other Marvel movies. With each subsequent movie getting progressively darker and more depressing (I’m looking at you, The Winter Soldier), I was expecting my watching experience to be extremely stressful and exhausting, but I found it to be much more lighthearted and entertaining than the last few films. I’m also in awe of how a movie with so many equally central protagonists can find such a perfect balance in how each of them is developed and focused on. The only problem I have with the movie is that they cut out the scene they filmed with Loki. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR LOKI.
Okay, that’s enough about the Avengers. Have you guys seen it? What did you think? Should I pretend that this outfit was inspired by Captain America?

33 blog pic 5 33 blog pic 6 33 blog pic 3 33 blog 4

Dress: Kohls. Similar here, here, and here.
Shirt: Old Navy. Similar here.
Shoes: Ross. Found here.
Belt: Came with a dress. Similar here and here.
Earrings: My sister’s.
Necklace: Maurices.
Watch: My mom’s.

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In My High Heels

Let’s face it, so far 2015 hasn’t been a great year for me as far as blogging goes. I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting pictures taken and posts written. I wish I could say that’s going to change, but I honestly don’t know. However, I miss blogging so much whenever I leave it for a few weeks, so I will continue to make every effort to keep going. My apologies if the outfits are few and far between!
Even though the weather has finally taken a definite turn towards warmth and sunshine, my outfit doesn’t really show that. I guess I’m taking every chance I get to wear some of my winter things for the last time. Since I’ve only managed to wear this lovely shirt once, back in December, I brought it out to wear to dinner on Friday night, and paired it with these new gray heels. They were one of the Modcloth Stylish Surprise items that I ordered a few weeks ago – my sister and I did it together, and out of the six total things we ordered, these were the only ones I was really excited about. But it’s just so much fun to be surprised!

32 blog pic 132 blog pic 432 blog pic 632 blog pic 532 blog pic 732 blog pic 2

Shirt: Loft. Similar here and here.
Jeans: Old Navy. Similar here.
Shoes: Modcloth. Similar here.
Necklace: A gift. Similar here.
Earrings: My sister’s. Similar here.

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2.5 Years!

Two and a half years is totally an important blogging anniversary, right? I’m halfway to five! Which is halfway to ten! Okay, so I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I decided I might as well have a mini-celebration. Which involved me writing this paragraph. Done now.
Every six months I like to look back at the outfits that I’ve posted during that time, and pick out a few of my favorite and least favorite looks. I love it when other bloggers do this, but I understand if it sounds horribly boring to you, so feel free to skip this post if you’re not interested. Anyway, I’ve done that again today, but first, here are some outfits that forced me to try something new or step out of my comfort zone.

119 blog pic 5
My friend Leah is mostly responsible for this look. We have very different styles, so it’s no surprise that when I asked her to put together an outfit for me, it was something I’d never have thought of for myself. Yes, I may have made it more suited to my style by removing some of the extra colors and patterns that she originally suggested, but I never would have thought to pair green, navy, and black like this. I was really happy with how it turned out, but it was definitely something new for me.
Post found here.
13 blog pic 1
The reason this outfit makes the list is simple – putting together two bright colors like this is totally unexpected for me, and while it isn’t a particularly wild outfit, it’s still out of my comfort zone.
Post found here.
20 blog pic 2
This post is an example of going for something that I normally wouldn’t try, and being extremely happy with the results. The red tights with the houndstooth cardigan with the two-toned shoes – normally, that would be a little too much for me. I was torn when putting it together, but I’m so glad I went for it, because I really like the overall look.
Post found here.

Now on to my least favorites from the last six months; one thing I noticed about all of them is that I realized that they were lacking something. I had doubts either while wearing them or when I looked at the pictures afterward, and I questioned whether I should post them. At least this means I’m beginning to realize when things don’t work; hopefully this will help me to avoid them altogether in the future.
5 blog pic 1
I think this outfit probably would have been just fine if it had been warm enough for me to go bare-legged. As it was, there was just too much gray.
Post found here.
120 blog pic 2
I’m conflicted about this outfit. Overall, I think I dislike it just because I don’t like this sweater. It’s probably time for it to leave my closet.
Post found here.
17 blog pic 1
When I looked at pictures of this outfit, I immediately hated it, and had no intention of posting it. Then I showed it to my sister, and she loved it, and convinced me that it was indeed blogworthy. Honestly, I still don’t agree with her, but I did feel pretty good about it while I was wearing it, and I guess that’s what really matters. What do you guys think about these outfits? Did they work, or were they lacking something?
Post found here.

Okay, now it’s time for my favorite outfits. Yay!
14 blog pic 2
Considering how many times I’d worn it before I actually got pictures, this outfit kind of had to make the list. And, I mean, elbow patches? Yes, please.
Post found here.
8 blog pic 1
Sometimes my favorite outfits are the ones where I style a lot of old pieces in new and exciting ways. Sometimes, they’re the ones where I wear pieces that feel exciting because I’ve never worn them before. I’m not ashamed of that. I love this skirt, I love this shirt, and I love them together.
Post found here.
117 blog pic 3
Like the last one, I liked this outfit because both the skirt and the shoes were new, and I was really excited about them. The styling isn’t anything fancy, but it feels so put together to me. Can’t get enough of this.
Post found here.
6 blog pic 5
And finally, possibly my favorite outfit from the last six months. This was a combination of the things I mentioned above – not only did I wear some new items (and some of my favorite old ones), but I felt so good about the way I styled them. Plus, this was a really good day, and my puffer vest never fails to make me happy.
Post found here.

Looking back at these outfits, I feel like my style has gotten much more consistent. Few outfits stood out as really, REALLY good, or really, REALLY bad; instead, I felt more moderate about most of them. Also, while I still tried some things that I wouldn’t normally have done, I think I had a clearer idea of what would work and turn out well, which helped keep me from any truly horrible fails (in my opinion, anyway). I’d love to know – what were your favorites or least favorites of these outfits, or others that I’ve posted in the past?
Also, thanks so so much to all of you for reading along – I truly appreciate it. If you’re not already following, I invite you to do so on Facebook and Bloglovin!

Spring in Chicago

The day before I wore this, I was out in the evening with bare legs and arms and felt perfectly warm. That made me optimistic enough to go with (two) florals, pastels, and bare legs again the next day, and I may have ended up just a little bit frozen. But no regrets! If the trees are going to put on their spring attire, so am I!
I spent this weekend with my sister and a friend. We spent one night in a hotel in Chicago, so we got to do lots of walking around downtown. That’s one of my favorite activities, and I got to do it with some of my favorite people, so it was a beautiful few days. There’s nowhere I’d rather be in the spring – or basically any time, for that matter. I do love my city.

31 blog pic 1 31 blog pic 231 blog pic 331 blog pic 6
Let’s address the elephant – or should I say, cat – in the room. This bag. Isn’t it the most adorable/terrifying/amazing thing ever?! My lovely friend, Susie, bought it for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I was expecting to use it more as a joke, but it’s actually the perfect size, and not nearly as scary as I was expecting it to be. Multiple people complimented me on it when I used it, too – I mean, come on, it’s a cat purse. What could be better?
31 blog pic 5 31 blog pic 4 31 blog pic 7

Dress: Thrifted. Similar here and here.
Sweater: Old Navy. Similar here and here.
Scarf: Maurices. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Similar here and here.
Belt: Came with a dress. Similar here.
Earrings: My mom’s. Similar here.
Bag: A gift. Similar here.

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