Taking the leap.

During the past year I started to become greatly influenced and inspired by the fashion boards on Pinterest and several fashion blogs (Sidewalk Ready, Whatiwore, Long live Classy). My love for fashion grew, and as I got new ideas, I wanted to share some of them with others. Starting my own fashion blog seemed like a big step, though. I only had a small, not very high quality camera, and the task seemed daunting. But as I became more and more inspired, I wanted more and more to do for others what some of the blogs I loved had done for me, and finally I decided; on days when I had worthwhile outfits, I’d have my brother take a few pictures, and then I’d post them on my blog.
So here it is. My first outfit post. Enjoy!

Skirt: Banana Republic
Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: something I stole from my sister’s closet.
Tights: Kohls
Shoes: Famous Footwear, I believe.
Necklace: Maurices
Bracelet: Kohls
I wore this outfit to voice lessons, and lunch with my brother. It originated from the skirt, which I have trouble finding things to pair with. But I love it with this chambray shirt; the colors go so beautifully. Speaking of this shirt – I love the idea of buying button-downs a size too big; that makes them more casual, preppie, etc. But I went a step to far with this shirt. It is far too big to wear without tying it or tucking it in.
I really wanted oxfords (or at least brown flats) to go with this outfit, but there was nothing I could find in my closet, or my mom’s. So I stuck with classic heels.

Fashion Tip of the day: Love the look of vests (especially with button-downs, chambray specifically) but don’t own any? Use a sleeveless sweater instead.


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