Braving the cold.

All of this week has been absolutely, freezing cold. I’ve hardly left my house once; I’ve been staying cuddled up next to a fire or a heater, in jeans and a hoodie. Not exaggerating. I knew I had to be out and about all day yesterday, so my main goal was to be as warm as possible, without looking like a complete slob. I picked the warmest sweater out of my closet and also wore my boot cut corduroy pants, which I did not think I’d ever feature on this blog. But here you have them, in their glory.
I added jewelry and heels to this outfit to make it a little more dressy; I wore it to voice lessons and lunch.
I hope you guys appreciate the fact that I’m outside. WITHOUT A COAT.
This is my favorite necklace of all time. It instantly adds elegance to a plain outfit, and it works with everything.Image
I found this sitting in my closet (another accidental find!) and it worked perfectly with the outfit.

Sweater: My sister’s.
Pants: Thrifted.
Shirt: Banana Republic.
Shoes: Clarks.
Necklace: Banana Republic.
Bag: Probably my sister’s.
Ring: Maurices.
Watch: A gift.


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