I always feel pressure to make the outfits I post very interesting. In winter, that usually means layers and unlikely combinations, which often take me awhile to plan. But I just threw this outfit together, and it consists of two main pieces, with accessories doing the job of adding interest. My advice is that an outfit doesn’t have to be complex to be interesting or beautiful.
I wore this outfit to voice lessons and lunch. New location, too – we randomly pulled over to an empty road on the way home and took these there.
Aren’t these gloves adorable? I got them as a Christmas present, and I’ve gotten compliments on them every time I’ve worn them.
I’ve been desperately wanting a tan shoulder bag for quite awhile now, and when I saw this, for $20 at Marshalls, I snatched it up. I imagine it’ll be getting a lot of use, especially in the summer.

Shirt: Old Navy.
Jeans: Gap.
Coat: Old Navy.
Boots: Kohls.
Bag: Marshalls.
Gloves: A gift, from Hallmark.
Necklace: Banana Republic.
Ring: Old Navy.


6 thoughts on “Simplicity.

  1. I used to put WAAAY too much thought and effort into my outfits. I finally just gave up because I wanted to spend that energy elsewhere. I don’t think my style has suffered, either. I’m fairly sure I like what I post more now than what I used to post. (: Anyway, I love the rich colors you’re rocking.

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