My two favorite Christmas presents of the year (or rather, last year) were a new camera – and oxfords. Both of which have a lot to do with my blog. I’ve wanted two toned tan oxfords for a very long time, and it turns out that making a pinterest wishlist full of them payed off. My amazing sister got me some. There are no words to express my excitement. Are there any particular items that are on the top of your wishlist, or that you’ve recently crossed off?
And also, my apologies. I’m so sorry these pictures are dark – I’ve been trying really hard to take my pictures outside, but we were running late and there wasn’t time. 😦 But I wore this outfit to a party at a friends house. I love the preppie look that the combination of oxfords, chambray, skinny jeans, and a cardigan gave.

Shirt: Old Navy.
Sweater: My sister’s.
Jeans: Old Navy.
Oxfords: A gift, found on Ebay.
Belt: JCPenney, with a dress.
Necklace: Maurices.
Watch: My mom’s.
Ring: Maurices.

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