Spring Colors.

The colors I am most looking forward to wearing and filling my closet with this spring, are bright; mint, coral, sky blue, bright yellow, and the like. Sometimes when spring draws near, I’m attracted to pastels, but I’m really feeling vibrant colors this year – no surprise there. What color palettes are you looking forward to when the warmer weather comes?
Anyway. This shirt is a little lighter than what I’m craving, but I thought I could invest it into my winter wardrobe. I wore this outfit to a play.
Sorry that the pictures are a little dark.

Shirt: Banana Republic.
Sweater: Thrifted.
Jeans: Old Navy.
Shoes: Marshalls.
Earrings and Necklace: Gift.
Ring: Pink Zone.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Colors.

  1. I think I’m looking forward to the brighter/jewel tones as well. I’ve never really been a pastel person, I feel that they personally wash me out. I’m hoping to do a lot of stripes/floral mixes this spring!

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