Welcome to San Diego.

New location! Does it look just a little different from some of my other recent posts? πŸ˜‰
Yes, I’m in San Diego! I got here mid afternoon yesterday, and I’ve been soaking in every minute of sunshine, warmth, and ocean air. I fully meant to post pictures of my outfit from yesterday, but we didn’t have time to take any before we left for the airport in the morning, and when we got to California, I was almost ready to strip of my tights (and sweater, which I DID do) in public. So that didn’t happen.
But. Here is the first warm weather post in this blog. For those of you who are stuck at home in the snow, not to rub it in your face – but San Diego.is.awesome. I spent two hours on the beach today. Yeah.
This outfit is extremely simple, but maybe it’s as much a relief to you as it is to me to see shorts, tops, and flip flops. Period. No sweaters, or tights, or coats, or anything. Simplicity is the best! I wore this outfit for walking around, playing Frisbee, shopping, and meals.

Shirt: Banana Republic.
Shorts: Old Navy.
Flip flops: Marshalls.
Necklace: Maurices.
Earrings: My sister’s.


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