This weekend has been perfect – highs of 75 or above, and clear and sunny. We’ve been soaking in as much sun as possible, but the next week is supposed to be a lot colder – comparatively, that is. I’m thankful for 60s when I know I could be suffering through 20s, or worse. So I’ll try not to complain. California, I love you!
I wore this outfit to church.

Shirt: Old Navy, secondhand.
Tank: Banana Republic.
Skirt: Old Navy.
Shoes: Kohls.
Necklace: Banana Republic.
Bangles: Kohls.


7 thoughts on “Comparatively.

  1. Ha! It’s been in the 70s-80s here, I can’t believe its still snowing in other places! Love that button-up, I’ve been looking for something similar 🙂

    The skyline in the background is reaaally pretty too!

  2. I’m just now getting around to thanking you for stopping by my blog & commenting. Thank you SO much! It’s awesome to meet another Wisconsin blogger (even if you are betraying the state by hanging out in Cali right now. lol)

    You have such an awesome preppy style. I really don’t notice a lot of that in the blog’o’sphere, so it’s refreshing to see!

    Hope you’re continuing to have a great time! Bring back some of that warm weather. 😉

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