Refreshed and Ready.

I mentioned that the trip to San Diego had refreshed me? Well, I think that deserves repeating because seriously. I’ve been churning out outfit ideas like crazy the last few days. I have so many that I don’t want winter to end! Well, almost.
I love this outfit because it feels very me. I love solids, I love simplicity, and I love every piece of this outfit. Oh, and after months and months of fruitless searching, I finally found black skinny jeans! Definitely a cause for celebration. *throws balloons* I’m going to be wearing them so much, you’ll all be sick of them.
My sister is on spring break, so we took my mom shopping and then met the men of my family for dinner today. Do you have spring break coming up, and if so, what are your plans?
Hair by my sister.

Sweater: Old Navy.
Jeans: Old Navy.
Scarf: My sister’s.
Shoes: Kohls.
Earrings: A gift from a jewelry store.
Ring: Pink Zone.


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