Arranging my Closet.

Before I get to the outfit pictures today, I have one other thing to share. A few nights ago, at almost exactly 11:45 pm, I decided I really wanted to re-arrange my closet by color. Not because I thought it was a particularly good idea (I’m still not sure about that), but because I thought it would be fun. No, I didn’t do it that night, thankfully – but the next day I took about 20 minutes to do it. It was harder than I expected, too! I had a few items that just didn’t go in any color category. I didn’t get a before picture, but here’s one from when I finished.
Well, now you’ve seen my closet. How do you arrange yours – or don’t you?
On to my outfit today. I’m not a fan of the sleeves or neckline of this dress, and it doesn’t really work with cardigans or blazers, so I don’t wear it much. But this sweater was loose enough that I could get away with it. I wore this to church.
Who knows what I’m doing here.

Dress: Dress Barn.
Sweater: Kohls, I think?
Belt: No idea.
Shoes: Clark’s.
Tights: Kohls.
Watch: Stolen from my Mom.
Earrings: Kohls.


13 thoughts on “Arranging my Closet.

    • I don’t *think* it’ll ever make an appearance on my blog – but maybe. No, I’ve never heard of wonder hangers, but I looked them up and they sound cool! That’s how I organized before this change, too.

  1. One side of my closet holds my skirts; I started Autumn with the goal of wearing every single one at least once, or getting rid of it if I didn’t enjoy wearing it or couldn’t think of a way to style it. (2 left!) Right now they’re just organized by worn/not worn but when I’m done I’ll switch to color.

    Other side of closet: Dresses together. Cardigans & Hoodies together, organized by color. Tanks then tshirts. Then everything else organized by color.

    I took everything really summery out and stashed it away til spring… I know that limits some possibilities of layering, but I felt like it made my mind work harder with less. 😉 Plus when Spring finally comes I’ll have the excitement or bringing out old favorites.

    • Wow, I like it! I usually keep all of my clothes together year round, but it does take away the fun of re-discovering my clothes when a different season comes around. Because I love my layering, I’m probably going to keep leaving my summer stuff out, but I’m going to move a few heavy sweaters, skirts, and pants into another closet or box soon.

  2. I recently arranged my clothes into rainbow order. Like you I was very sceptical but thought it would be fun (I used to have it skirts/pants/tops etc). I have to say now that it’s done I love it! It has helped me find “colour gaps” that I’ll try to fill, it’s helped me find new ideas for remixing, and as a bonus it looks so cheerful!
    I can’t picture what your dress looks like by itself, but it looks great layered like that 🙂

  3. I usually arrange my folded sweaters in colors, stripes, skirts, shirts, etc in drawers while I fold my jeans. I only use hangers for my polo shirts and coats.

    Cute combination of a red dress and stripes! 🙂

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