The Power of Music.

So. Random subject that has nothing to do with this outfit.
I love music. I mean, very few people don’t, but I’m addicted to and obsessed with it. It has therapeutic powers for me – no matter what I’m feeling, it makes it better. As an extreme introvert, I get mentally exhausted (which is much, much worse than physically exhausted) when I’m with people for extended periods of time – it doesn’t mean I don’t like people, but I just need time (a LOT of time) to recharge. When that happens, what I want and need is to go somewhere by myself and either listen to or make music. It’s a deep, urgent need in me, that I have to have music. If I’m wildly happy, music lets me express that happiness. If I’m wildly hurting, then music lets me pour out that pain and lets me feel like I can breathe. Yes, music is like breath to me. I would die without it.
Wow. I didn’t mean to write this much. Today was beautiful, and being mentally exhausted on the way home, I was listening to Ben Rector (I love his beautiful, sunshiney, joyful music), and looking forward to being home to be able to play guitar. So that’s what brought this on. What music have you been listening to lately, and why do you like it?
I felt bad wearing this winter-y outfit on this spring day (though it was still a little cold) – hopefully it’s one of the last! But I like the mustard and polka dots combination – and I even snuck in some subdued pattern mixing.



Shirt: My sister’s.
Sweater: Banana Republic.
Skirt: JCPenney.
Shoes: Marshalls.
Necklace: Kohls.
Earrings: A gift, from a jewelry store.


17 thoughts on “The Power of Music.

  1. It’s interesting, what you say about music – I am your opposite, as a relatively extreme extrovert. I get what could almost be called a high from being around other people, talking and connecting. But I’m self-employed and work alone during the day; what gets me through that solitary time is music, it’s not really the same as having another person around but it’s as close as it gets 🙂

  2. That is such a cute outfit for work! I love the yellow sweater. I find I wear a lot of black to work but I’ve been trying to wear more bright and happy outfits like this. Love the ruffle on the skirt too.

  3. Interesting comments about how introverts and extroverts use music. I was surprised to stumble across this today on your blog, because my post this morning was also (briefly) about music! (

    I use music in a lot of different ways — to unwind, to escape, and especially as a shot of adrenaline when I go running! Some of my recent favorites are Foster the People, Passion Play, and the Ting Tings.

    Also — another coincidence — I just posted this article on my FB page yesterday and your post made me think you might find it helpful: I have a very “not shy but needs time to warm up” toddler, and my husband is also an extreme introvert. After 10 minutes at a party, he’s exhausted and wants to go home. I’m kind of a middle-of-the-road type. Anyway, he read a book by the author of this article, Susan Cain, that I also read in order to get more insight into how he experiences and processes things. You are probably already familiar with it because it sounds like you know yourself pretty well… but in case it seems interesting to you, the title is “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” (or something like that).

    Happy blogging!

  4. Cute outfit! Professional but not stuffy 🙂 I listen to all different types of music depending on my mood – but lately I’ve been very into Passion Pit.

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