NOT about the weather.

As I thought about what I’d say in this post, I thought about the weather – let’s face it, that’s what has the biggest impact on the clothes I wear, currently. But I realized that reading about weather every day, isn’t actually that interesting. So I’ll limit myself to saying that yesterday it was snowing. Today I was wearing sandals. That’s all.
I wasn’t going to wear these jeans till summer, because the color is so summery and I like to save some clothes for each season. But after a long, tiring (but amazing) day at work, when my parents invited me to go out to dinner with them, I knew I had to wear these. Even if it didn’t quite feel like spring, I needed bright colors.
These are my first ever pair of colored (other than blue jean, or neutrals) skinny jeans, so I did keep the rest of my outfit toned down. Maybe someday I’ll pair another color with them. Suggestions?

Shirt: Marshalls.
Jacket: Pink Zone.
Jeans: Marshalls.
Shoes: Gift.
Earrings: Gift.
Bangles: Kohls.
Ring: Maurices.


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