6 Month Anniversary!

I meant to do this post two weeks ago, on the actual 6 month anniversary of this blog. That didn’t end up happening, so here I am, celebrating my 6 months and two weeks anniversary.
Starting this blog was a big step for me. I’d known for at least a year that at some point I wanted to start one, but I kept telling myself I was too young and I didn’t have enough clothing or ideas. But I ended up wearing so many outfits that I wanted to share with others and I had the feeling that if I kept putting off starting, it would never happen. So I started County Girl, City Fashion (though I didn’t find the name till a few weeks after starting it). It has been such a fun experience, and I definitely don’t regret doing it. I will admit, more than once I came perilously close to giving it up – the pressure of wearing “blog worthy” outfits is sometimes hard to handle, and my brain completely stops giving me ideas sometimes. But I always get back into the swing of it, so I won’t stop. 😉
I think this blog has definitely helped me to discover more what my style is, as well as helping me to be more adventurous. I’ve worn some things that I never would have otherwise – I liked how some of those outfits worked out, and some of them didn’t go so well. I’m going to share some of my most adventurous outfits, some of my favorites, and of course, the outfits that I ended up really disliking.
This was one of my more adventurous outfits. I STILL haven’t done as much pattern mixing as I might want to, but this was pretty much my first try. While I liked the idea of it, I didn’t end up really liking the outfit as a whole – maybe it’s just my lack of courage. (Original post here)
I tried something new in this outfit by trying the trend of buttoned to the throat shirts, and ties for females. While it was definitely something different for me, I did like how it ended up – very preppie. (Original post here) Image
This was at the very beginning of my blog, but it was my first try at denim on denim. Now I do that pretty frequently, but I liked this first try. (Original post here)
Now to the unpleasant part – my least favorite outfits that I’ve posted on this blog.
I don’t know what it was about this outfit, but I really didn’t like anything about it. It was awkward and stuffy and none of the things I wore really worked together. (Original post here)
I don’t think there was anything especially wrong with this outfit. I just didn’t like the pants, sweater, or bag, and I don’t know why I thought adding them all together would make it better. (Original post here)
I liked the idea of this outfit, because I liked all the layers. But they just didn’t go well together. I think the main reason I didn’t like these outfits can be attributed to the individual items – I didn’t like almost any of them, in any of these outfits. In this outfit, I’m not 100% about the sweater, boots, or turtleneck. The lesson here, I suppose, is to only wear clothes that I sincerely like. I have enough clothes to get rid of the ones I dislike. Really. Now if I’ll just believe that. (Original post here)
And now to the fun part. And I had a much harder time choosing my favorite outfits than my least favorite, because there were a lot more. So that’s good.
I.just.love.everything. about this outfit. So simple and comfortable – I would wear this everyday. (Original post here)Image
This outfit is a little more adventurous for me, because I have a hard time having none of the primary colors in my outfit be neutrals. That’s just scary for me. But I think I managed it in this outfit, and I love these colors. (Original post here) Image
This outfit seems co-ordinated and put together to me, it’s interesting, and I thought all the pieces in it worked together well. (Original post here)
I think what I discovered about my favorite outfits is that less is more. I dislike my outfits when I try to add to many things or do too many uncomfortable (for me) things, and I love my outfits when I keep it simple and elegant. I think this outfit is the epitome of my style – or what I want it to be. I love how the shoes match the light brown bag and the tan jacket, and the rest of the outfit is kept neutrals, which is obviously my style. It just looks co-ordinated and put together, which is what I love. (Original post here)

And that’s it. Thank you for reading and following and commenting – you guys are all so encouraging and it’s great to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “6 Month Anniversary!

  1. Congrats! So cool to see all those outfit pictures–especially the ones you didn’t like too. I will say that I love love love the print mixing outfit! I find that when I’m nervous about wearing an outfit due to it being a little out of my comfort zone, it tends to be an outfit I love. And yes, only wear pieces you love. Why is that so hard? It seems like a “duh” but I do it all the time. The yellow dress and green cardigan is really cute to and I love the last outfit!


  2. Happy blog-iversary 🙂 I completely agree with the sentiment that sometimes less really is more. The times I try to be stylish often end up being the outfits I like the least. My favorites recently have definitely been the ones that come together effortlessly!

  3. congrats on your 6 month (+2 weeks haha) anniversary! I think it’s so interesting to look back at how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. You can only continue to go up from here!

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