More Mustard!

Yes, it’s back. I did mention that I love Mustard, didn’t I?
Today was probably the warmest day we’ve had this year – or at least it felt like that. The car that my brother and I drove to our voice lessons has very faulty air conditioning, so we had to have the windows down for pretty much the entire 2 and a half hours of total driving. We also stopped at Starbucks on the way there and I tried one of their Refreshers for the first time. I had the Very Berry Hibiscus and I really liked it! Cold drinks are a must for me during the summer – my favorites are lemonade and iced tea, but I liked the refresher because it wasn’t as sweet as the lemonade, but sweeter than unsweetened tea. And it lived up to it’s name. 😉 What are your favorite summer drinks?
I’ve been missing my oxfords, which I haven’t worn for several months (what have I been thinking?!), so at the last moment, I added them to this outfit.

Shirt: Gap, thrifted.
Jeans: Old Navy.
Scarf: My sister’s.
Shoes: A gift.
Watch and Earrings: Unofficial gifts.
Ring: Maurices.


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