Let the Dress Do the Talking.

I’ve been complaining lately, to myself and to anyone who will listen, that I don’t have anywhere to wear my summer dresses. However, and while I still own plenty that have not yet made an appearance on the blog, I have been getting chances to wear them lately and have more coming up in the near future. I was really excited to get to wear this one, because it’s new, I paid too much money for it, and I really love it.
I wore this to the voice recital that my brother and I performed at on Friday night, and then, with a friend who had come to watch, to dinner in downtown Madison. Sometimes I forget that I live so close to a city with such a nice downtown, and since I haven’t gotten to walk around it in awhile, it was really fun going there again. One of my favorite things about cities (and I have a lot of them!) is that I get to people watch, which includes outfit watching. It makes me so happy being surrounded by people in nice clothes – heels, pretty dresses, suits . . the list could go on. It also makes me happy to be one of those people, so yesterday was a lovely night.
I kept this outfit very simple and just let the focus stay on the dress.

Dress: Gap.
Shoes: Famous Footwear.
Necklace: Pink Zone.
Earrings and bracelet: A gift, from, a jewelry store.


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