Say Hello to My New Favorite Shoes!

The reason for this outfit was pretty much just that I wanted to wear these shoes. I don’t think I can even tell you HOW MUCH I love these shoes, and how excited I am to own them. I’ve been dreaming of a perfect pair of nude heels for a very long, long time, but I hadn’t found them – not, that is, until I went shopping a few weeks ago, and found these at Famous Footwear for $40. Still a little more than I would have liked to spend, because I’m very cheap, but I completely believe it was worth it for these. There have been so many times in the past few years, especially this winter, when I’ve been in great need of nude heels, and so finally finding them is a dream. They’re just a tiny bit big and tend to slip off my feet occasionally, but I think once my feet have gotten accuomed to them, I won’t have that trouble anymore. As I said in the title, these are my new favorites.
I wore this outfit to church. This is an old room in the basement of our church which was recently re-done – the carpet and wallpaper was stripped off, all the old, broken down furniture removed, and it was painted. My sister and I re-discovered it on Sunday, when we took these pictures. We didn’t end up getting that many good outfit pictures, though, because we spent too much time taking dark, artsy pictures with the lights off.

Jacket: Pink Zone.
Skirt: Thrifted?
Shoes: Famous Footwear. (Found here)
Bangles: Kohls.
Necklace: Banana Republic.


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