Pretending to be Taylor Swift.

I’m really excited about sharing this outfit on the blog, as I was about wearing it. I wish I wore outfits like this everyday. I think they perfectly describe my style, or what I’d like my style to be. Preppie, retro, fun, and elegant. I felt kind of like Audrey Hepburn, and a lot like Taylor Swift (the bike may have something to do with it – I LOVE her video Begin Again). I think she’s one of THE most stylish celebrities and I love how her outfits are the perfect mix of retro, preppie, and classy.
And this outfit incorporates some of my favorite items from my closet. I’m in love with these shorts that I bought recently – I’ve been wanting colored ones, and while this color may not have been the most practical and versatile in my wardrobe, I just love it so much. And the lace shirt and oxfords are one of my favorite combos.
I wore this outfit on a bike ride with my sister and a friend. I haven’t been biking, really biking, for far too long, and while I was horribly out of shape, it was lots of fun.

With my (non-retro) bike!

Shirt: Marshalls.
Shorts: Old Navy. Found here.
Shoes: A gift. Found here.
Earrings: A gift.
Bracelet: Kohls.
Belt: Thrifted.


6 thoughts on “Pretending to be Taylor Swift.

  1. Great outfit, love the bright shorts. I also really like your hair up like this. I think the worst thing about getting back into bike riding is getting used to the seat!

  2. I love when I wear an outfit that is just so me–and it’s always great to have pictures of it too 🙂 Anyways, LOVE this outfit. The blouse and shoes are amazing. And i’m not really a Taylor Swift fan, but I do love the way she dresses

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