Midwest Summer

Yesterday, my sister and I went to a county park just a few minutes away from our house – it has a nice lake, trails, and green expanses where you can sit and look at the water and the sky. We brought a big blanket, jasmine iced tea, and good books, and we lay there for a few hours. The sun was out, with just a few fleeting clouds in the sky, and the colors were very vivid – to me it seemed like the epitome of summer. I ended up spending most of the time, not reading, as I’d had meant to, but concentrating on soaking in the sunlight and looking around. It was one of the most beautiful afternoons I’ve experienced this summer, and it left me kind of painfully breathless from the beauty of everything.
Part of why I enjoyed the day so much, I think, was because I realized that it was August. Which means, next month is – September. And I don’t really think of September as summer (though it may very well be in the 80s the whole month). So I want to enjoy every second of this month, and stuff all the blue skies and sunshine into myself as I possibly can.
Tonight all my siblings were working, so I went out to a nice dinner with my parents. I was already wearing my mustard skinny jeans during the day, which is what I probably would have worn anyway, so I just switched tops. This is the third time I’ve worn these pants on my blog – the first time my outfit was similar, but more relaxed and very simple, with a tan jacket and chunky wedges. The second time I went for a very casual look, but added interest with stripes and a contrasting color. So this time I kept it more posh and elegant. (Yes, I just wanted to say posh). Which look is your favorite?
Note: Having your dad take pictures of you in your front yard while your mom sits in the car and watches = awkward. ImageImage

Shirt: Banana Republic.
Jeans: Marshalls.
Shoes: Famous Footwear. (Found here)
Necklace: Banana Republic.
Earrings: A gift.
Bangles: Kohls.


5 thoughts on “Midwest Summer

  1. My favorite look is the one with the striped top (can’t go wrong with stripes!) but this is a very nice casual night-out look too. It makes me realize I need more yellow in my closet. Such a cheerful color and it goes well with almost everything.

  2. I like the look with the jacket, but I would pair it with your new nude heels that you are wearing in this picture — that would look amazing! I love your outfits, they are all really great 🙂

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