Baseball Game.

I think I’ve already mentioned, probably several times, that I love sports. Lots of sports. Mostly football, I’ll admit, but baseball is easily my distant second (we’re talking about watching, here. I don’t play either. No way). But I have to admit, I haven’t watched a game since last year’s world series, and I haven’t BEEN to a game for more than a year as well. But now that’s changed, because last night I went to a Brewers game.
I live about 2 1/2 hours from Milwaukee, and I’m a big Brewers fan. They haven’t been doing so well this season (please, no one bring up a certain player whose initials are RB) so I haven’t been paying much attention to them. However, we got a great ticket deal and decided to go to a game. Couldn’t have possibly picked a better night, either – the opposing team (the Reds) were up by one in the bottom of the 9th, one player barely got one to first, and then one of our best players hit a homerun. Cue screaming for 10 minutes straight. So yeah. It was fun.
Enough about that. I really liked my outfit, but the pictures don’t show it very well. Waah. I’m sorry. 😦
Of course. My necklace is partially obscured. Oh well. You’ve seen it before.

Shirt: JCPenney. Found here.
Jeans: Old Navy. Similar here.
Shoes: Kohls. Similar here.
Necklace: Secondhand store.
Belt: JCPenney, with a dress. Similar here.
Earrings and Bracelet: A jewelry store.


3 thoughts on “Baseball Game.

  1. I actually didn’t know you were such a huge sports fan…or maybe I just didn’t pay attention because I dislike sports myself :p anyways…love this outfit 🙂

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