Blogging 101.

Go ahead, laugh yourselves silly over my clever post title. Oh, you don’t think it’s clever? Well, it’s the best you’re going to get!
That’s right, this post is my 101st (or is it 101th. Hmm). I’ve been looking forward to reaching 100 for about a month now, but, of course, I didn’t realize that my last post was my 100th until 8 hours after I posted it. So we’re going to celebrate in this post instead. And by celebrate, I mean talk about it. Which I just did. So that’s done.
I wore this to church yesterday, and it was such a wonderful day. And yes, I do believe that the fact that I was wearing this outfit had something to do with it. Clothes definitely affect my mood, and I’m absolutely in love with this top that I bought a few days ago. Chambray. Polka dots. It doesn’t get any better.
After church was over, we had two families over to Whitemound, the park near us that I’ve mentioned before, and then to our house. We had a picnic (pizza and iced tea), played crazy games, sang Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs, and finished off the night with leftover sparklers from the 4th. It was relaxing and fun and happy. I’m friends with some pretty awesome people.
I felt very feminine in this outfit. I usually like my button-downs in a boyfriend style – a little too big, and styled casually. However, I already have an over-sized chambray, so I decided to emphasize the more feminine side of this shirt (let’s face it, polka dots aren’t manly) and got it in the smallest size.
Wow, fluffy hair day much?
Let’s face it, you’re always going to get a spinning picture when I wear this skirt.

Shirt: Old Navy. Found here.
Skirt: Thrifted. Similar here.
Shoes: Clarks. Similar here.
Belt: Dress Barn, with a dress. Similar here.
Necklace: My sister’s.
Earrings and Bangles: Kohls.
Ring: Old Navy.


8 thoughts on “Blogging 101.

  1. A pizza picnic sounds right up my alley – I always like the idea of a picnic, but to make and lug around food plus containers, etc. is sometimes a pain. Pizza – so easy.

    Great outfit combo too – chambray and white is a fantastic pairing!

  2. Oh that’s an adorable outfit. Usually I like the shirt tucked in instead of belted but it’s because of my long torso – this looks great on you. Love the spinning picture!

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