Thrifted Retro.

Tonight my sister and a friend and I put on dresses, heels, and lipstick. Then we went out to dinner, mini-golfing (yeah, that was fun in our attire), and drove home singing our hearts out. It was very beautiful and joyful.
However, this is the outfit I wore to church earlier in the day. Sometimes when I feel uninspired and out of outfit ideas, I create a look that is based all around one particular item. A piece of clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc. That’s what happened for this outfit. My mom brought these shoes home from the thrift-store yesterday, and I was so so excited that they fit. I love shoes, and have a weakness for heels, which I don’t have enough of. Also, I loved how retro these are, and I decided to make my outfit with that theme. With that in mind I chose the only skirt I have that is this length, and added a shirt and belt.
These photo’s aren’t perfect, because the lighting was splotchy. Waah. Also, this outfit is almost all thrifted.
Here you can see the detailing on the shirt – I really love it.
Shoes! Aren’t they cute?
And then, since my sister has been on my blog a few times, here’s a picture of my brother and I. What a cutie.

Shirt: Thrifted, originally from Loft.
Skirt: Thrifted, originally from Carole Little.
Shoes: Thrifted, originally from American Eagle.
Belt: My sister’s.
Bracelet: A gift.
Earrings: Kohls.


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