Fall Wishlist.

Hello, everyone! I don’t have an outfit for you today; I’ve been hiding away in my air-conditioned house, trying to escape the 90 degree weather that has been showering down on Wisconsin. But just because it’s blazing hot outside doesn’t mean I can’t start thinking about fall clothing! I can’t wait to start wearing big sweaters, boots, and dark colors. Lately I’ve felt like my style has been evolving a little bit; all I’ve wanted to wear is really comfortable and casual outfits – over-sized tops, flat shoes, menswear inspired looks. I haven’t been at all in the mood for girly and feminine outfits, and I’ve even been preferring casual looks to more classy ones – which is unusual, for me. I haven’t been posting many outfits lately, and with the heat it has been hard to wear the kind of things that I’ve been wanting to. But. Fall will be here soon, and while I’d rather have summer stay forever, for the sake of the clothes, I’m fairly acceptant.
So, I’m going to share some of the items that have been catching my eye lately. Feel free to tell me your favorites, and let me know what you’re looking forward to wearing as we transition into fall.
I’ve been wanting a striped button-down, and I like how this is very attention-grabbing. I think it would be a lot of fun to wear with fall-colored skinny jeans and boots. You can find it here for only $28 at Old Navy.
I’m really loving this olive green right now, and I only have a few things in the color. This is a great classic top that would be really versatile; I love how it’s paired with gray jeans in the picture. Find it here for $32, at Old Navy.
I think a dark, heavy denim shirt is an essential for fall; it goes with everything, and has just a touch of a boho look in it. This one from Forever 21 would look great with a vest, black jeans, and combat boots for a more masculine look; get it here for only $22!
I don’t know if you’ve guessed yet, either from this post or just my blog in general – but I love button-downs. I would gladly wear them every-day. I’ve just recently grown to like gingham patterned tops, and from seeing on pinterest and blogs all the different ways to wear them, I think I need one. I think it would be really fun and easy to layer this top, which you can find at Gap, here, for $49.95, or at Old Navy for $26.
On to pants! I love these effortless, casual khaki’s; they’re great in this color and in green. Get them at Old Navy, here, for $25. Image
I am so in love with these. The color is the perfect muddy brown with hints of green, and they’re only $15! Get them at Forever 21 here.
I think these burgundy cords are unexpected and fun, and they’d look great with a chambray or floral top, and fun flats or oxfords. They also look really comfy and like they’d be flattering for a lot of body types. $90, from Banana Republic, found here.
Who doesn’t love a good corduroy mini-skirt? I know I love the one I own from Banana Republic (which I recently wore here), and it’s the most fun to style it in the fall; just add booties, a button-down, a cardigan, and there you have it. This one is $60, and you can get it from Banana Republic here.
I absolutely love both of these sweaters from Forever 21. The subtle detailing really adds interest; I’d get both of them in a size larger than my usual size, especially the one on the bottom. It would be so cozy with leggings, boots, and statement jewelry. You can get the one on the top for $22 here, and the one on the bottom for $20, here.
Army Jackets. You’ve probably seen this trend, and unlike most trends, it’s one that I want in on. I love how preppy they are, and perfect for fall. I think this jacket is perfect because it doesn’t seem to over-do it. Also, it’s only $32, which is a less than most of the jackets similar to this one that I’ve seen. Get it at Old Navy here.
The great thing about this vest is that it could easily be carried into the warmer months – it would look great with cut-off denim shorts, a fun tank, and gladiator sandals. However, it would also be perfect for fall. $30, from Old Navy, here.Image
One more – I love the color of this one. Get if from Target for $46, here.Image
This is a unique, slightly more casual blazer, and I think it would add some interest to fall wardrobes. It would look great with the brown pants above. This is $150, from Banana Republic – get it here!
And now, on to shoes! I have got to say, I am in LOVE with these brogues from Forever 21. So preppy, and still classy. They would look great with so many outfits. Get them here for only $26.
Honestly, these gray booties are PERFECT for fall. I really want them. A lot. $55, from Kohls – get them here
These are too expensive for me to even think about thinking about. But they’re beautiful. So what the heck. $190, from Garnet Hill – get them here.

And there you have it. That took way longer than I thought it would. Again, what items are you excited about wearing or buying this fall?


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