Things that I (according to this post, anyway) consider Boho.

Again. Not saying these ARE boho, or even that this outfit is. It probably isn’t. But I felt like it and all of the things on this list were. Judge for yourself.

1. Big, comfy sweaters. I’ve already talked previously about my love for them. This morning I just wanted to find the biggest, loosest thing I could, and the unflattering cut of this didn’t stop me for a second.
2. Neutrals: Black. Tan. Some sort of gray-ish brown. Yeah.
3. Copper jewelry.
4. Braids. Apparently.
5. Dark eye makeup with a natural face.
6. Sitting on the ground.
7. Just weird poses in general. Examples.
Standing at attention.
Checking to see if there’s anything on my shoes (as my brother dubbed it). Image
The “there’s no one to make fun of me, I can do whatever crazy poses I want!!!!” pose.Image
Now back to my shoes.
It isn’t boho to smile.
It IS boho to sit on the ground. Everyone knows that.
So let’s do it again.
And then finish it off by gazing gravely into the cornfield.

Anyway. I found taking my own pictures much easier today. Maybe it was my location. Maybe it was because I knew how far to stand from the camera. Probably both. And to be honest, I took these more because I felt like it and I knew it would be good practice, rather than because I thought this outfit deserved to be featured. But here it is. I wore this to bible study and dinner.
Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 80! I know what I’m going to wear – hot pink shorts. No other way to celebrate one last (though there may be more. MAYBE) hot day.

Shirt: Old Navy.
Sweater: Thrifted.
Pants: Gap.
Shoes: Kohls.
Necklace: Gift from my brother.
Earrings: Claire’s.
Watch: My mom’s.


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