Double Waah.

Pictures inside! Waah! That’s what happens when our twice-a-year bug invasion comes about. It happens every spring and every fall – thousands of box elder bugs (not to mention the swarms of flies, lady bugs, and bees) come crawling out and absolutely cover my house. I can’t look outside without seeing hundreds of them flying through the air. Not a pretty sight. So for today, anyway, I didn’t even venture outside until it was almost dark.
But it was 79 today, so I thought I could get away with bare legs and short sleeves, at least one last time this year. After all, the outfit still included corduroy, a sweatshirt, and my favorite, comfy scarf. I am going to be wearing this thing all fall and winter long, I’m telling you.
But waah again. To complete this outfit, I needed these brogues from Forever21. Early Christmas present, anyone? 😉

Sweatshirt: My sister’s.
Skirt: Banana Republic. Similar here.
Tank: Gap.
Scarf: A gift? I can’t remember.
Shoes: Clarks. Similar here.
Earrings: Claire’s.
Watch: My mom’s.
Ring: Maurices.


5 thoughts on “Double Waah.

  1. I have the same problem with mosquitoes in the summer. I have to douse myself in repellent if I want to take pictures outside. Just ugh.

    And those brogues are so cute! My old pair really needs to be replaced, so I’m keeping an eye out for something similar…

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