I’ve Been Thinking Lately . . .

I have had two phone conversations, with two different people, within the last three days. If you know me, you know just how astounding that is. Talking on the phone is one of my least favorite things to do in all the world. Whether it’s calling to set up an appointment, to order takeout, or to talk with a good friend – my reaction is always going to be this.
But anyway, the conversations weren’t too bad (I truly am getting better at making conversation. Slowly, step by step. I’m getting there). In one of them, a friend who I haven’t seen in a year and a half asked me what I’d been thinking about lately. I don’t think I’ve actually ever been asked that before, but I think it’s a better question to ask someone that you’re close to than the obvious “how are you?”. Since it was so unexpected, however, I didn’t have much of an answer for it. What have I been *thinking* about lately? It isn’t easy to summarize all your thoughts in a few words.
Anyway. There wasn’t really a point to that little story. One thing I have been thinking lately is that I feel very stifled by my closet. I haven’t been able to put together outfits which fit the kind of relaxed, comfortable, bohemian style I’ve been loving lately, and I feel like I’ve worn all my clothes so many times. Hopefully this phase will end soon (and I’ll go shopping, which I haven’t in way too long) and I can get back to being inspired. Have you been able to effortlessly put on and create outfits lately, or have you been feeling uninventive with your closet too?
This is a more formal, classy church look than I might prefer, but I still like it. I love the combination of mustard and gray – it’s a little unexpected but looks really nice together.
Today was my first day wearing nylons. I was a little depressed about it. Time to go tights shopping!

Shirt: Thrifted, originally from Loft.
Sweater: Banana Republic. Similar here.
Skirt: Thrifted. Similar here.
Shoes: Thrifted, originally from American Eagle.
Earrings: My sister’s.


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