Celebrating 1 Year.

October 25th, 2012, was a chilly fall day. It was a day of new beginnings. I had my first voice lessons that day, and when they were over, my brother and I went outside, and he took two full length pictures of me. I then posted them on my blog and hoped for the best.
It’s a year later, and I have posted a grand total of 120 outfits on this little blog. Along the way, my style has evolved, I’ve had many inquisitive stares as my pictures are taken in public, I’ve experienced stress and a total loss of inspiration many times, and I’ve had so much fun. I am so glad I took that first, big step.
This blog isn’t much, but I’ve recently come to completely accept that I am doing this for my own fun. This is not a bit about getting views or getting followers. Yes, whenever I get an email that tells me that someone has liked my Facebook page or started following me on Bloglovin’, or just left a comment, I do an inward happy dance. But those are just perks along the way. I’m just a highschool kid posting (often bad quality) pictures of myself on a blog. If other people like them enough to follow, it’s thrilling and I am so grateful to you all. But it really doesn’t matter, because the main thing is – I enjoy this. So. Here’s to many more outfits, many more days of racking my brain for clever post titles, and much more fun.
On that note, I’ve compiled some of my outfits from the last six months and put them in three categories. The first is what I like to call my “Adventurous” outfits. These are outfits that were a little out of my comfort zone, or things that I’d never tried before. And good news – I actually really like all of my top three!
This is just classic pattern mixing, which is big for me because I probably do even less of it now than I did when this blog started. It’s not something I’m usually drawn to and let’s face it, it’s just scary. But I did go for it in this outfit, and ended up really liking it. I toned down the two patterns by adding a belt in between, and wearing a gray button-down over the top. Oh, and to add to the fun, I also wore green shoes. Adventurous, right? 😉 (Original post here)
This next one was daring for me for another reason – pairing two bright colors. You should know by now that I love neutrals; it’s rare that I wear one bright color, much less two! But I think these colors went well together. (Original post here)
This final adventurous outfit was just something I’ve never really tried before, and very different from most of my outfits. Gray and tan, socks over leggings, layering necklaces. I think it aptly shows how much my style has evolved. (Original post here)
Now on to a more depressing note: here are my three least favorite outfits that I’ve worn in the last six months. There is good news here too, though, because I don’t strongly dislike any of these. I think I’ve gotten better about wearing things that I actually like.
Part of the reason I disliked this outfit was simply because my camera was acting up and the pictures weren’t good quality. The idea of these three colors together was one I liked, but the reality didn’t turn out quite right. (Original post here)
It’s sad, I know, but just the combination of a patterned scarf and two-toned oxfords is too much for me in this case. This outfit simply didn’t turn out quite right. (Original post here)
I knew I was taking a risk with this last “bad” outfit. I wasn’t sure how pairing a fitted dress with an over-sized button-down would turn out, and sure enough, I wasn’t pleased with it. I do like the idea, however, and maybe I’ll try it again next summer, with some modifications. (Original post here)
Now to the fun part! These are my top four favorite outfits!
Of course this is one of my favorite outfits. Lace shirt + oxfords + colored shorts + gold jewelry + an updo = favorite. I’ll admit, I’m really proud and pleased of this look. (Original post here)
The quality of the pictures, background, and how my hair is looking always has a lot to do with how much I like an outfit. Why not admit it? This is casual, nothing special, but I like it. It seems un-pretentious, and me. (Original post here)
This outfit is also very simple and casual, but I love the colors, and all the separate pieces that I wore. (Original post here)
And finally, what I’d have to say is my absolute favorite outfit – if not of all the ones I’ve posted, at least of the ones in the last six months. This has really been my style lately, and I feel like this outfit expressed me. That’s what our clothes are supposed to do, so I love this. So much. (Original post here)

So in conclusion, thank you for reading this, guys. Whether you’re just checking my blog out for the first time, or you’ve been following it for awhile now – I really, deeply appreciate it. Let me know what your favorite or least favorite outfits are!


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