Fancy Pajamas.

Yes, still on the pajama theme.
I felt oddly guilty about wearing this today. After all, it’s November, and there isn’t going to be much more time to wear fall outfits. But somehow, I ended up in this, very winter-y outfit. Which isn’t all bad; you know you’re doing it right when you feel like you’re wearing pajamas, and yet someone asks you why you’re dressed up.
This sweater is an XL. Now, I’m certainly not tiny, but I have never bought an extra large ANYTHING before. However, I found it at a thriftstore, I loved the color, and it is so warm and cozy and comfortable. Who cares if it’s ginormous? I tried to make it a little more elegant by adding a belt, jewelry, and a sequined tank, but there will be plenty of days this winter when I just drape it on over jeans and a t-shirt.
Do you ever buy clothes in a size much too big for you?

Sweater: Thrifted.
Sequined Tank: Old Navy. Similar here.
Leggings: Marshalls? Similar here.
Boots: Kohls. Found here.
Belt: With a shirt.
Necklace: Kohls.
Earrings: Claire’s.
Bracelet: Pink Zone.

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4 thoughts on “Fancy Pajamas.

  1. Emerald Green is still “the color of the year”.. and like Fall, time is running out on it, too.. Great casual look! šŸ™‚

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