As I sat here and wrote this post, my Mom walked by and talked to my brother about our plans for the night. She finished the conversation by saying “You’ll have to convince Rebecca to leave the house, which is like pulling teeth.”
What can I say? My family knows me. During the week, it *is* difficult to get me out of the house. I like to keep to my little routine, which consists mostly of school, but also work, blogging, and various other things. Going somewhere or doing something messes all of that up and is unsettling. So while I try to always have something to do on the weekend, I’m perfectly content spending Monday through Friday in my house. I realize that that makes me weird, but I also don’t really care. After all, with the holidays coming up, I’m sure I’ll have more than enough things to do, and little time to myself. Why not enjoy it while I can?
Now on to this outfit. Since this chambray shirt has a gray-ish tint to it and the rest of the outfit is also gray, it may have seemed the more obvious choice to go with blue or black jeans – but it’s my personal motto that there can never be too much gray. Yep, that’s my motto.

Shirt: Old Navy. Found here.
Jeans: Old Navy. Similar here.
Vest: Thrifted.
Shoes: Marshalls. Similar here.
Necklace: Banana Republic.
Ring: Old Navy.
Bangles: Kohls.

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4 thoughts on “Homebody.

  1. I like to stay in during the evenings too. Once I come home from work, I just want to settled in, change into pajamas and not worry about going anywhere. I like your outfit, my boyfriend would call it a “groutfit” haha

  2. haha, no I’m totally the same way! I have to leave the house for school, but other than that I really don’t feel like going anywhere :p especially now that it’s cold!

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