Conquering the World.

Lately I’ve been reminded of how what I’m wearing can greatly affect my mood and confidence. Maybe it shouldn’t be that way, but it is. Walking around in an ill-fitting, boring outfit (especially on a bad hair day), I’m just going to feel depressed and awkward. But if I put on a dress, heels, and some makeup, I’m going to walk around feeling like I can conquer the world. That’s how I felt on friday night. Definitely a good way to start the weekend!

My dear friend Emily gave this Modcloth necklace to me for Christmas, and I love it so much! It’s pretty, it’s versatile, and just what I’ve been wanting.

Dress: Kohls.
Sweater: Marshalls.
Shoes: Marshalls. Similar here.
Belt: With a top.
Purse: My mom’s.
Necklace: Modcloth.
Earrings and Bangles: Kohls.


4 thoughts on “Conquering the World.

  1. Lovely!! And I can totally relate. I feel bad putting so much confidence on just how I look, but it also makes sense that throwing on some makeup and something you love is just going to help you smile a bit more. 🙂

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