Stripes and Dots.

There’s a difference between just wearing clothes, and wearing an outfit. With an outfit, every piece is important, and they all work together to make a distinct look. Lately I’ve felt like I’ve just been putting random pieces of clothing together and I haven’t had a complete look. Then I go to my Bloglovin’ feed, and of course, outfit after outfit is perfect. I’ve been feeling particularly uninspired lately, despite cranking out a lot of blog posts, but somehow this outfit ended up coming together, and it felt complete and put together. Plus, pattern mixing ftw!


Shirt: Old Navy.
Sweater: Old Navy. Similar here.
Capris: Marshalls.
Shoes: Kohls. Similar here.
Necklace: Modcloth.
Scarf: My mom’s. Similar here.
Earrings: Kohls.
Bangle: Pink Zone.


8 thoughts on “Stripes and Dots.

  1. The stripes and polka dots go so well together, and I totally know what you mean by just wearing clothes and not complete outfits. Sometimes it just works and sometimes it doesn’t, but this outfit does!

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