Blazer and Jeans.

I’ve been feeling incredibly uninspired lately. I haven’t been satisfied with the last few outfits I’ve posted, and yet I even had trouble putting them together. I feel like I’m constantly going back and forth between being flooded with great ideas and fabulous outfits, and then looking at my closet every day without ever seeing anything to wear. Anyhow, I’m hoping this phase ends soon. This morning I determined I was going to take time and figure out an outfit that I truly felt good about, and while it took an embarrassingly long time (don’t even ask) and I tried about a million different things on, I’m pretty happy about how it turned out. I do wish I could have worn black skinny jeans (which I have – but one day I tried them on and realized they’d stretched so much that they were unwearably big) and it didn’t turn out as effortlessly elegant as the inspiration (this pin) – but they never do, do they?


Shirt: Old Navy. Similar here.
Blazer: Thrifted. Similar here.
Jeans: Old Navy. Similar here.
Shoes: Kohls. Similar here.
Necklace: Banana Republic. Similar here.
Belt: My mom’s. Similar here.
Earrings: Kohls. Similar here.
Bangles: Kohls. Similar here.

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6 thoughts on “Blazer and Jeans.

  1. I know the feeling. It’s not that I don’t have anything to wear, but I’m just not crazy about any outfit that I put together. That being said, I think this is a great look! (And yeah, my outfit never turns out like the pin either, but then again unless you have the exact same piece and are built in the exact same way as the person in the photo, it never does.)

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