Mint in May.

Did I just wear this scarf? And this shirt? And these shoes? Yes. Yes, I did. But while today was sunny and warm, there was a strong breeze, so the button down and the scarf kept me comfortable.
Note: I have been wearing a lot of yellow on the blog lately. I didn’t think I owned much yellow. Turns out I do. But this is one of the first times I’ve worn mint so far this spring. What colors have you found yourself drawn to, consciously or unconsciously, this spring?


Dress: Thrifted.
Shirt: Old Navy. Similar here.
Scarf: Handmade, by a friend.
Shoes: Clarks. Similar here.
Earrings: A gift.

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7 thoughts on “Mint in May.

  1. Navy and purples/mauve have been growing on me. I have hardly any pastel colors in my wardrobe (and I’ve never wore mint in my life) I just don’t enjoy wearing pastels as much as neutral type colors. As a knitter and sewer and embroiderer, I confess that today I was looking at peoples sweaters and materials that they had on and it was really annoying because I couldn’t stop!! (and I was trying to identify what stitch all the things were made out of or if they were crocheted, talk about annoying) and so I must say that the yarn in your scarf is lovely. It looks like farm yarn…: ) and garter stitches are one of my favorite textures! a.k.a. I like your scarf!

    • Dark blue is probably my most worn color. My closet is filled with neutrals and dark colors, but I’ve been trying to wear my most spring-y items lately.
      Thank you so much! One of my dearest friends knitted this scarf for me, and I think she did a fantastic job.

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