Young and Colorful

I’m a planner. I often end up planning exactly what I am going to be doing at each specific moment of the day. Now that probably makes me sound more obsessive than I am – I can do things without planning them, and I often do. But I like to be prepared, make sure I have enough time, and always know what I am supposed to be doing and where I’m supposed to be. I work things out in my mind way before hand.
For example, I had something planned for yesterday morning, and I had estimated exactly how long it would take me to do each thing I had to do before I left the house. So I got up at the specific time I had figured out, and then found out all my plans were turned upside down – my meeting might be cancelled, or moved to some other random time during the day, and I wouldn’t know for awhile. And man, was it infuriating. My perfect plan, destroyed.
Actually, I wasn’t that upset. And when my meeting was cancelled, I didn’t have that hard of a time – I just made some new plans, and this time, everything went according to schedule. Are you a planner too, or do you prefer to improvise and go with the flow?

Back to the outfit. It feels more young and juvenile than what I usually wear – the bright colors, the dangly earrings, and of course, these sandals. But aren’t they adorable? They’re not at all my style, and I don’t think I would have given them a second (or at least a third) glance if I’d seen them while shopping or browsing the internet. But when I ordered a “stylish surprise” from Modcloth (have you heard of this feature? So awesome. I’m waiting eagerly for them to come back) and these turned up, I figured it was meant to be and I want to try and get lots of wear out of them this summer.


Shirt: Loft. Similar here and here.
Jeans: Old Navy. Similar here.
Shoes: Modcloth. Similar here.
Bag: Marshalls. Similar here.
Earrings and Bracelet: Gifts.
Ring: Pink Zone.

Linking up with Favorite Fashion Friday, Casual Friday, Passion for Fashion, Fashion Friday, and Friday’s Fab Favorites.


10 thoughts on “Young and Colorful

  1. I’m definitely a planner too. I’ve actually found that if I don’t plan things out, I won’t get much accomplished. I really like this yellow tank!

  2. I don’t think this look is too young. The color is bright but it is counter-balanced by the simple and clean lines.

    I’m a planner too, just like you!

  3. Those sandals are absolutely adorable! I love the bright yellow in this outfit, too! I am such a planner, I am not sure I don’t know how to relax without having a structured time period in which to do it! I wish I was more go with the flow though. And I’d love it if you could link up to my new link up today!

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