Stereotypical Blogger

I felt like a stereotypical fashion blogger in this outfit that I wore to a play on Thursday. Maxi dress? Check. Jean jacket? Check. Ankle strap sandals? Check. All I needed was a leopard print clutch and a bubble necklace, but I’m pretty sure neither of those things are ever going to make an appearance on my blog. Stereotypical or not, this is an outfit I would never have dreamt of wearing just a few months ago, and I felt absolutely fabulous in it. I’ve always sworn off all maxi dresses and skirts, so I tried this one on in Loft the other day just to laugh at myself. But the moment I put it on (and I know it sounds stupid), I felt like a queen. And sometimes you just have to buy the things that make you feel like that.
Since I loved this outfit, I wanted to make sure I got really nice pictures, so I took time getting ready, charged my camera, and gobbled down my dinner to give me enough time before I left. But then, when I went outside and turned on my camera, it instantly died. Apparently it hadn’t been correctly plugged in all that time. I had to rush back into my house and grab my sister’s camera (which, thank goodness, was sitting in plain view in my room), rush back outside, and pray that it was on a decent setting as I quickly snapped a few pictures. They aren’t as great as I could have wished, but considering it was a camera I’ve never used to take my own pictures before, I’m satisfied.

78 blog pic 3
78 blog pic 1
78 blog pic 5
78 blog pic 6
78 blog pic 7
78 blog pic 2
78 blog pic 4

Dress: Loft. Similar here.
Jacket: Loft. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Ebay. Found here.
Necklace: Pink Zone. Similar here.
Earrings: A gift.
Bangle: Kohls.

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4 thoughts on “Stereotypical Blogger

  1. You look great in a maxi dress! I haven’t “sworn off” maxi dresses or skirts so much as I just figure they won’t look good on me. But I have been so tempted lately to just try it and see!

  2. I am glad you feel so great in this outfit – you definitely look great! Maxi dresses are awesome because they are so comfy but also make you look so fancy. You look lovely and I think the pictures turned out well!

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