Breaking Schedule

Lately I’ve been able to get into a real routine with blogging. I do posts three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), usually have a few days to write them, and make sure they’re ready to post the night before. I’ve been able to keep it up for longer than I expected, but I didn’t have anything to post on Wednesday. I’m not conceited enough to think that anyone was disappointed to not see a post that morning, but I was disappointed in myself, and upset that I broke my schedule. But, it happened, and now I’m back with a Friday post, hoping it won’t happen again in the near future, but without too high of expectations.
I wore this outfit for a day in Madison, hanging out with my family. My oldest brother was in town for the day, and it was so nice to have all my siblings together.

81 blog pic 2
81 blog pic 481 blog pic 381 blog pic 681 blog pic 1

Shirt: Thrifted. Similar here.
Skirt: Thrifted. Similar here.
Scarf: A gift.
Shoes: Ebay. Found here.
Earrings: My mom’s.

Linking up with What I Wore, Favorite Fashion Friday, Casual Friday, Passion For Fashion, Friday’s Fab Favorites, and Friday’s Favorites.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Schedule

  1. Hey one thing I learned about blogging is that life happens, no need to apologize. So what if you broke your own schedule? Remember, you’re your own worst critic. Plus, it’s totally okay to take some time away from a schedule!

    You look fantastic by the way. Those sandals are adorable! Happy Friday.
    Stopping by from the link up,
    Understated Classics

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