In a recent post, I mentioned how I was wearing some items that I never would have imagined myself in, and in today’s post, I’m wearing a trend that I’ve always ranted against. Today I’m wearing a peplum top. I know everyone is wearing these, but in the past, I’ve found them really unattractive and unflattering on pretty much everyone I’ve seen them on. But when I tried this floral one on at a thrift store, I didn’t hesitate. Because it’s a little big on me, the peplum style isn’t as pronounced, and the material is so pretty. I was so excited to finally wear it, and while it’s a little embarrassing to have changed my mind about this trend so suddenly (though I still think most peplum tops are unattractive . . .), I’m in love with this one. What do you think of peplum tops?

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Shirt: Thrifted. Similar here and here.
Jeans: Old Navy. Similar here.
Shoes: A gift. Similar here and here.
Bangles: Kohls. Similar here.
Necklace and Earrings: A gift.

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11 thoughts on “Peplum

  1. Man, I can’t believe you found that top in a thrift store! It really goes to show that everything comes back in style! I like peplum, if it’s subtle, but I can’t wear them because my torso is really long. I would have to get a special made top or buy a “tall” but I can’t see myself doing that. You look great in this peplum – so glad you found it!

  2. My internet was not cooperating so the pictures didn’t load for awhile. It drove me crazy ’cause I was dying to see what your peplum top looked like! I have to say I’ve never loved that trend either, but I really do love your top!! It fits so well and the colors look fantastic!

  3. I agree with you on pretty much everything you said! I think they look awful on me, but there are occasions I’ve seen peplum and it looks really cute on people. This is definitely an example of peplum looking cute!

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