Monochromatic Neutrals

As I was thinking of what I should wear this Sunday, all of a sudden a wave of longing and love for light neutrals came over me. White, cream, grey, and last but not least, beige. All of a sudden, I didn’t want to wear anything but those colors.
Note: I probably shouldn’t mention that immediately after this sudden epiphany, I promptly went to a party wearing hot pink shorts. Hey, I was feeling tired and out of it, and didn’t have the energy to completely change my outfit. I did, however, decide to wear a cream top instead of the dark blue one I’d been planning on.
Anyway. I decided to wear a monochromatic outfit featuring just light neutrals (I feel like there should be a real term for these colors . . or is beige all-encompassing?), similar to the one I wore here. I’m not sure if it ended up quite working, but it felt so good to be wearing it. I wouldn’t quite say that my longing for neutrals has been satiated (you may be seeing a lot more beige in the near future), but this outfit did its part.

91 blog pic 291 blog pic 1
I think this top is so beautiful. Light and feminine and lovely. That’s how it made me feel.
91 blog pic 4
I did decide to go with colored earrings – this lavender is so soft and pretty that I thought it blended well with the rest of the outfit.
91 blog pic 691 blog pic 391 blog pic 7
I’ve worn this skirt once before – which look do you prefer?
Second outfit.

Shirt: My sister’s. Similar here and here.
Skirt: Maurices. Similar here.
Shoes: My sister’s. Similar here.
Earrings: A gift.
Necklace: My sister’s.
Bangles: Kohls. Similar here.

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7 thoughts on “Monochromatic Neutrals

  1. Hi Sweet girl,
    I have to say I love the monochromatic look too. Really liked your earrings. I thought your hair was adorable up like that! You should wear it up more often. 🙂

  2. I think it would work better if there was either more contrast or more similarity between the two shades, but I love the soft, almost Edwardian feel of the lace top and the floral applique on your skirt!

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