I recently watched Divergent for the first time with some siblings and friends, and afterwards, we talked about which factions we would most likely fit in. I couldn’t make up my mind (isn’t that the point of the story?), but I was fairly certain I wasn’t dauntless – I’m just not brave. However, I have discovered lately that I like to find small ways to make myself do things that make me uncomfortable or scare me, just for the sake of doing them. They’re scary at the time, but it is so satisfying afterwards, to have that feeling of accomplishment. I’m sure it’s good practice for the future, too, when I’ll have to do harder things than filling a car with gas for the first time. Please don’t laugh at me.
I wore this outfit to a casual summer dance by a lake, and since I got there early, I had a friend take some pictures for me. Water is more interesting than a wall, right? I’ve had this dress for several years, but it has never shown up on my blog – til now! I styled it with light pink and peach accessories.

95 blog pic 795 blog pic 595 blog pic 195 blog pic 295 blog pic 695 blog pic 8

Dress: A store in San Diego. Similar here, here, and here.
Shoes: Clarks. Similar here.
Earrings: My sister’s. Similar here.
Necklace: Banana Republic.
Bracelet: My sister’s.

Linking up with What I Wore, Random Wednesday, I Feel Pretty, and What I Wore Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Love the lighting in these pictures. đŸ˜€ Love the color combo – I don’t think I would’ve thought of that.
    Oh, I know. Filling the car up with gas the first time *was* scary. I think Dauntless is the last one I would choose, even though it’s usually the one that sticks out to me as the most impressive. Ahhhhh, I can’t imagine choosing that category. O.O

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