The Search Is Over

There are a few pieces of clothing that I’m always on the look for whenever I shop – a green army jacket, a striped pencil skirt, and a red belt and heels. But on top of that list is a perfect gray t-shirt, and I know, it’s embarrassing – I don’t have a gray t-shirt?! But I’ve been looking for more than a year, and I haven’t found any that are cheap and that fit me well. I keep trying them on every time I go shopping, and that finally paid off last weekend, when I went to Old Navy and saw that all their tee’s were $5. I grabbed an armful of gray ones, and headed to the dressing room, and finally, I emerged victorious. Too dramatic? Well, I found one.
My preference would have been a round neck and a lighter gray , but when I found one with a v-neck and in a darker gray, and it wasn’t obscenely tight and way too long, I got it. I mean, $5? Yes please. That’s my kind of price for a t-shirt.
I have no doubt that I’ll be wearing it obsessively, so it was no surprise that I incorporated it into this outfit. I’m not sure I’ve ever worn an outfit quite like this before. It felt way out of my comfort zone, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but it was new, and it was fun, and I’m kind of proud of it. What do you think?

100 blog pic 9100 blog pic 8100 blog pic 7100 blog pic 2
I was given most of this jewelry just a few days ago, as a birthday present from a friend, but I was excited to wear all of it. Adding this necklace to the outfit was an unexpected choice for me, since I usually go for just one non-neutral color in an outfit, but I liked how it looked. To lengthen it, I just used the chain of another necklace. The waitress at dinner even complimented me on it!
100 blog pic 6100 blog pic 4100 blog pic 10100 blog pic 1

Shirt: Old Navy. Found here.
Skirt: Banana Republic. Similar here and here.
Blazer: Thrifted. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Marshalls. Similar here.
Belt: ? Similar here.
Clutch: A gift. Similar here.
Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelets on left hand: Gifts.
Bracelet on right hand: Kohls.

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