On Top of the World

Confession: I’ve worn this outfit multiple times (like, four), always meaning to get pictures of it, but never accomplishing that. But I liked it so much that I kept trying, and finally, on Thursday, it happened. I hung out with my friend Leah, and we walked up her road to the top of a hill, with breathtaking views in every direction. It was cold and windy, but beautiful enough to make it worth it (for me, anyway. Her fingers may never recover. I’m sorry, Leah!).
This sweater was a Christmas gift from a friend. She knows how much I love elbow patches, so she found an already cute sweater, and sewed them on. Best present/friend ever? Pretty much.

14 blog pic 214 blog pic 314 blog pic 414 blog pic 5Now I know this hair-do isn’t particularly amazing, but considering that I did it myself, in about three minutes, I’m pretty proud of it.14 blog pic 614 blog pic 814 blog pic 1014 blog pic 12

Shirt: Old Navy. Similar here.
Sweater: A gift. Similar here and here.
Jeans: Gap. Similar here.
Boots: Thrifted. Similar here and here.
Earrings: My sister’s.
Watch: My mom’s.
Coat: Thrifted. Similar here.

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6 thoughts on “On Top of the World

  1. You look really cold! The view is very pretty with the snow coverage. You are inspiring this old woman. Yesterday I put an outfit together and felt quite proud of myself. Something I wouldn’t normally wear together. So thank you!

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