Baby Blue and Bow Blouses

I debated posting this outfit. It’s simple and unfancy, and the pictures are far from excellent. I discovered while taking them that even when the sun is out (and shining right in my eyes – hence the glowering at the camera) and there’s hardly any breeze, 5 degrees is still atrociously cold. But after all, the cardigan did match the sky perfectly.
The shoes were an unexpected pick. I’ve been wanting red shoes for ages, and I picked these up for a few dollars at Ross last month. They’re far from perfect, but at least I finally have red shoes! I would never have thought to wear them with this outfit, but they were laying out, and I slipped them on and ended up liking it. Thoughts?
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Shirt: A boutique in San Diego. I looked, but I couldn’t find any product that was remotely similar anywhere.
Sweater: Old Navy. Similar here and here.
Jeans: Old Navy. Similar here.
Shoes: Ross. Found here.
Necklace: My sister’s.
Earrings: A gift.

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10 thoughts on “Baby Blue and Bow Blouses

  1. Another great, we’ll put-together outfit! What I like about the shoe is that it’s not a ‘fiery’ shade of red, but a classic — got to use those more with Fall outfits. BTW, the print bow shirt reminds me a lot of a design Kate Spade has used in recent years… Have a great weekend!

  2. I don’t know how you’re wearing just a cardigan and flats in 5 degree weather! I would’ve been wrapped in blankets and parked in front of the heater. But the top and cardigan are super cute.

  3. I Really like your outfit. Pretty and classy! Don’t know how you can stand outside in 5 degree weather. COLD⛄️. Your shoes are nice too.👠

  4. This is super cute! And to answer your question you left on my blog, I wear a lot of what I post, just sometimes not in the same ensemble. For instance, the post I did last Monday, I tucked my hair into the top of my turtle neck and it looked like I had a bob. I wouldn’t actually do that in really life. Also, some of the outfits I wear on the blog are a little bit more accessorized than they would be day to day. I dress a little bit simpler than on the blog. The idea behind my fashion blog is to give people ideas of how to pair not only fashionable pieces together, but how to put together certain patterns and colors. I want my fashion looks to be inspirational to other people who are looking for ways to put things together. And thanks for reading. I really feel like no one ever reads my blog. 😀

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