Blossoms are Better (also, 300 posts!)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s instagram feed has been filled with pictures of flowering trees (to which I have contributed my fair share) lately. Nothing gets likes like spring blossoms! But I do feel like I’ve seen more bright and pastel colored trees this year than I have before in Wisconsin. I even found a bush to snap these pictures in front of last week, and while the shots may be a little out of focus, blossoms make everything better, right?
GUYS. This is my 300th post. 300! I can’t believe I’ve reached that number, and I’m really excited to read through my blog all the way from the beginning, like I do every hundred posts. As I mentioned a few days ago, there’s going to be a lot of cringing happening, but it’s also going to make me so happy about how far I’ve come. Thank you so much to everyone who has read any of those 300 posts!

35 blog pic 135 blog pic 235 blog pic 4
35 blog pic 3
Let’s just take a minute to acknowledge that I’m posing stupidly in that picture.
Okay. Moving on.

Dress: Old Navy. Similar here, here, and here.
Sweater: Old Navy. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Famous Footwear. Similar here.
Earrings: My mom’s. Similar here.
Necklace: Modcloth.

Linking up with Passion For Fashion, Casual Friday, Fun Fashion Friday, Charming Friday, Fashion Friday, and Friday’s Fab Favorites.


10 thoughts on “Blossoms are Better (also, 300 posts!)

  1. Congratulations on 300 posts! That’s quite an accomplishment–I’m only at about 50 so far.
    I really love your outfit, especially since I’ve been digging long sweaters lately!

  2. Happy 300! That’s a beautiful sweater. I am on a major Old Navy kick right now. For years I did not like a single item of clothing in that store and now when every I go in there I wind up with my arms full of stuff. Now I plan to watch for sweaters like yours there this fall!

  3. Congrats on 300! That dress is beautiful, and you did a great job pairing it with that cardigan. I continued to be amazed at how the dress seems to go with everything!

  4. Such a pretty floral dress! It looks wonderful with your boyfriend cardigan. Congrats on 300 posts! Thanks so much for linking up with Charming Friday – hope to see you back this week!

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