Bye For Now!

I’ve been putting off writing this post, because actually writing it means I have to actually acknowledge it. And since that sentence probably was a clear enough hint as to where this is going, I’ll just get to the point – I’m not going to be posting on Country Girl, City Fashion anymore, at least for awhile. I mean, this probably was easy to see coming, since I haven’t posted more than 7 times in a month for all of 2015, and I’ve been silent for all of June.
I know this is a much (MUCH) bigger deal for me than for all of you, but I figured I should tell anyone who cared. I hate to give up on something that I so dearly love doing, and a month ago, I would never have even imagined that I would be doing this, but life has kind of made the decision for me. There are lots of different small factors – mainly, I’m working 6 days a week this summer, and my jobs don’t give me the opportunity to wear anything that I could post on here. When I do have the rare chance to dress up, I just want to wear the most comfortable, easy things in my closet (or my sister’s); I don’t think anyone needs to see pictures of me wearing the same five dresses and sandals all summer long.
Maybe more importantly, the motivation and reasons I’ve had for blogging all along don’t really apply anymore. My goal is no longer to think up creative ways to wear and re-wear the things in my closet – now I just want to wear what makes me feel good, and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s not enough to make a good personal style blog (at least in my case). Like I said, different factors play into this: my life’s busyness, lack of inspiration and motivation, and my struggle with my weight (something I haven’t talked about before and that I don’t plan on doing now). All combined, I’ve finally had to accept that it doesn’t make sense for me to keep blogging.
But I don’t think this is the final parting for me and Country Girl, City Fashion. This blog has changed my life, and I love it too much to say goodbye forever. I have no idea when it will be – maybe in the fall, maybe in a year, maybe longer – but I hope that I’ll be able to come back someday. Maybe a few of you will still be sticking around, but regardless, I’m certainly not going to stop keeping up with all the blogs I love. Thank you so so much to everyone who has ever read or glanced at or followed this blog that has brought me so much joy. Hopefully I’ll see you again someday soon!


7 thoughts on “Bye For Now!

  1. I am sad to see you go! I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit through your blog this spring and I very much admire your style. I wish you the best!!!

  2. I know it’s tough to say goodbye, so I totally respect you for making this decision. Best of luck to you, and hopefully we’ll see you again in a not too distant future!

  3. It’s definitely tough to make this decision, but it’s amazing you’re doing what’s best for you! Honestly, blogging is tough… and it’s so much hard work. And if you want to blog 1x a month or 1x a year, you can still do that! I’ve stopped putting so much pressure on myself to blog constantly, because with working, and a social life, and friends, and whatever else you want to do, it’s sometimes impossible! Best of luck in everything!! xo

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